Citations for COA

Trademarking the Papacy:
(Vol. I, o, October 1, 2006 , item 3)

Just How Sour Are Those Grapes?: Details of Bishop Ron Warren's "cross appeal" of the verdict he won against Pr. Bradley Schmeling.
(Vol. I, xx, March 23, 2007 , item 2)

Pro-Homosexual/Drag Queen Hate Crimes Bill Will Move Quickly!: Traditional Values Coalition mobilizes against hate crime bill (HR1592).
(Vol. I, xxi, March 31, 2007 , item 2)

Speaking of HR 1592: ELCA Office of Govt. Affairs endorsese HR 1592.
(Vol. I, xxii, April 7, 2007 , item 3)

Do Prophets Get to Choose?: ELCA Bishops go to Washington to talk about immigration reform.
(Vol. I, xxii, April 7, 2007 , item 1)

More Deathless Prose: Rev. Lou Sheldon looks for the silver lining.
(Vol. I, xxviii, May 20, 2007 , item 2)

And They're Off: Synod Assembly Season is over and Lobbying Season has begun.
(Vol. I, xxxiv July 3, 2007 , item 3)

EXTRA: Ecclesiastical Dry Hole!: Committee on Appeals overturns Disciplnary Hearing Committee, removes Pr. Schmeling from roster effective immediately.
(Vol. I, xxxiv July 3, 2007 , item 1)

Proof Text, 1: Committee on Appeals recommends a wholistic approach to ELCA governing documents, and so do we.
(Vol. I, xxxv July 10, 2007 , item 4)

ELCA Defrocks Pr. Bradley Schmeling: Doggedly clinging to failed mission strategy, Committee on Appeals overturns Disciplinary Hearing Committee, removes Pr. Bradley Schmeling from roster effective July 2.
(Vol. I, xxxv July 10, 2007 , item 2)

Ask Pr. Sophie: Pr. Sophie stirs up controversy of style vs. ideology (not to say, substance).
(Vol. I, xxxix August 8, 2007 , item 6)

Pr. Sophie sez, Accept No Substitutes!: Coalition lobbying for a transgender-inclusive ENDA grows to 300 organizations.
(Vol. I, xlviii October 12, 2007 , item 1)

ENDA, the Long and Winding Road: Bittersweet victory for watered-down non-discrimination act.
(Vol. II, ii November 8, 2007 , item 2)

Anglican Strategy for Inclusion: Anglicans for full inclusion meet in Chicago.
(Vol. II, vii December 14, 2007 , item 3)

Methodists Revamp Assembly: United Methodist Church readies new rules for Worldwide Assembly.
(Vol. II, xv February 9, 2008 , item 4)

LDR Nearly Completes Large Expenditure: Agency almost spends $27.7 million.
(Vol. II, xxii March 28, 2008 , item 4)

Cell Phones and Democracy: Are Methodist renewal organizations buying votes with cell phones?
(Vol. II, xxvi April 26, 2008 , item 6)

More and More Extraordinary: Two more ELCA churches call pastors from the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries roster.
(Vol. II, xxvii May 4, 2008 , item 1)

Bishopspeak, Texas Dialect: Texas-Louisana Gulf Coast Synod bishop comments on extraordinary ordination.
(Vol. II, xxxiv June 22, 2008 , item 3)

Coming of Age in Omaha: Triennial gathering of Lutheran Men in Mission.
(Vol. II, xl August 4, 2008 , item 1)

It's Not About the Restrooms: Gender identity wars in Gainesville, Florida.
(Vol. II, xli August 11, 2008 , item 2)

After Ike: God sends the rain on the extraordinary and the unextraordinary.
(Vol. II, xlvi September 22, 2008 , item 2)

Working with Bishops, Lesson 1: Did the Bishop of Sacramento rock the boat?
(Vol. II, xlvii September 30, 2008 , item 6)


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