Citations for Conference of Bishops

Your Body is a Temple: ELCA Board of Pensions President says not many of the church's professional leaders are living healthy lives.
(Vol. I, i, October 31, 2006 , item 7)

Underground Pastoral Message: Pastoral Message from ELCA Conference of Bishops circulates underground.
(Vol. I, xix, March 16, 2007 , item 3)

And in Minnesota: Crafty resolution for SW Minnesota synod assembly.
(Vol. I, xx, March 23, 2007 , item 6)

Memo to Conference of Bishops: Will any ELCA Bishops take up hate crimes as an advocacy topic?
(Vol. I, xxii, April 7, 2007 , item 2)

Competition is a Good Thing, Isn't It?: Another "Change the Policy" resolution in Southeast Iowa.
(Vol. I, xxix, May 28, 2007 , item 5)

...And a Tempest in a Teapot: Bishop Payne's remarks were leaked and a tempest in a teapot ensued.
(Vol. I, xxxviii August 1, 2007 , item 3)

Another Ally: Bishop Margaret Payne of the New England Synod tells the Conference of Bishops why she will preside at the Lutherans Concerned/Goodsoil worship during Churchwide
(Vol. I, xxxviii August 1, 2007 , item 2)

AWOL in Helsinki: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland faces conflict over acceptance of women in ministry.
(Vol. I, xli August 23, 2007 , item 5)

The Road to 2009: Harmonic convergence of Conference of Bishops and Task Force for ELCA Studies in Sexuality in October.
(Vol. I, xlvi September 28, 2007 , item 5)

Not On My Watch, Maybe On Yours: ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen's last word to the Conference of Bishops.
(Vol. I, xlix October 19, 2007 , item 3)

Bishops, News and Hearsay: Details from Conference of Bishops meeting slowly emerge.
(Vol. I, xlix October 19, 2007 , item 4)

Where Have All the Bishops Gone?: Conference of Bishops meets at undisclosed location. Or maybe not.
(Vol. II, xi January 11, 2008 , item 1)

The Road to 2009: Task Force for Studies on Sexuality gets ready for milestones. Keep an eye on the timeline.
(Vol. II, xiv February 1, 2008 , item 3)

Bishop Sightings: The ELCA Conference of Bishops meets in California, worships in San Francisco.
(Vol. II, xx March 14, 2008 , item 1)

Retirement Party: Dr. Mari Irvin steps aside after 18 years of work for full inclusion
(Vol. II, xx March 14, 2008 , item 2)

Bishop Biz: What the Bishops heard at their Spring meeting.
(Vol. II, xxi March 21, 2008 , item 3)


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