Citations for David Mullen

Second Chance: Will no-show Bishop Mullen sign Pr. Megan Roher's letter of call?
(Vol. I, iv, November 19, 2006 , item 2)

130,000 Gallons of Grout: SF Congregation returns to sanctuary after earthquake retrofit, part 1.
(Vol. I, viii, December 17, 2006 , item 4)

Happy Anniversary: Pr. Robert Goldstein celebrates first anniversary at St. Francis Lutheran in San Francisco
(Vol. I, xxi, March 31, 2007 , item 3)

Memo to ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen: ELCA Bishop recognizes ECP pastor as "clergy".
(Vol. I, xxv, April 29, 2007 , item 4)

The Clergy Conundrum: Bishop David Mullen, Pr. Jeff Johnson, and Pr. Robyn Hartwig are featured in a video clip from the Sierra Pacific Synod Assembly on youtube.
(Vol. I, xxviii, May 20, 2007 , item 5)

Church Without Walls: St. Paulus (SF) sells property and will worship at St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church.
(Vol. I, xxx, June 4, 2007 , item 2)

Will He or Won't He?, Part 1: Bishop invited to ordination extra ordinem.
(Vol. I, xxxi, June 10, 2007 , item 5)

Sierra Pacific Hijinx, 1: Bishop declares Office of Dean vacant after election of ELM clergy.
(Vol. II, xiv February 1, 2008 , item 1)

Hijinx Redux: Readers with long memories tell more of the First United synodical call story.
(Vol. II, xv February 9, 2008 , item 2)

Synodical Poll Tax: What does your synod charge for additional voting members?
(Vol. II, xxvi April 26, 2008 , item 2)

El Sombrero del Obispo: Bishop elect vows not to wear sombrero, but will he keep that promise?
(Vol. II, xxviii May 10, 2008 , item 6)


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