Citations for Jaynan Clark Egland

Word Alone Report: Energizing the base!
(Vol. I, iii, November 13, 2006 , item 2)

Not So Good News from Word Alone: Word Alone's confusing assessment of the Schmeling verdict.
(Vol. I, xv, February 11, 2007 , item 5)

Word Alone President Throws Hat: Pr. Jaynan Clark Egland looks like a candidate for Presiding Bishop.
(Vol. I, xxii, April 7, 2007 , item 6)

Oh, No! Size Really Does Matter: "Itty bitty Jesus" disparaged.
(Vol. I, xxiv, April 22, 2007 , item 7)

Innuendo!: How did you learn the meaning of "innuendo"? Word Alone President finds examples in "The Lutheran".
(Vol. I, xxxvii July 26, 2007 , item 6)

Word Alone Board Update: Highlights of the recent Word Alone board meeting.
(Vol. II, i November 1, 2007 , item 4)


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