Citations for LLGM

Saluting Pr. Paul Tidemann: Pr. Paul Tidemann to retire at year's end.
(Vol. I, v, November 26, 2006 , item 5)

Sight 'ems: Luminaries, witnesses, and demonstrators in the hallway at the Atlanta Sheraton
(Vol. I, xii, January 21, 2007 , item 2)

Bishop Fetes LLGM Board: Central Great Lakes Synod Bishop Thorvald Noe-Effingway hosts a dinner party for LLGM luminaries. Political ambitions?
(Vol. I, xvi, February 19, 2007 , item 1)

LLGM, ECP, Roster to Merge: The ECP Roster and the Boards of LLGM and ECP have agreed to form a new organizational structure to work for full participation.
(Vol. I, xvii, March 1, 2007 , item 2)

A First for LLGM: Pr. Mike Wilker becomes first heterosexual co-chair of Lutheran Lesbian and Gay Ministries.
(Vol. I, xviii, March 10, 2007 , item 2)

Homeless in Lent: Recently ordained pastor is homeless.
(Vol. I, xix, March 16, 2007 , item 4)

Red Stoles, Dancing Shoes: June 16 confirmed as ordination date for Dawn Roginski; expect a party that evening.
(Vol. I, xxv, April 29, 2007 , item 1)

Will He or Won't He?, Part 2: LLGM Gala to be safe place for bishops.
(Vol. I, xxxi, June 10, 2007 , item 6)

Ordination Extra Ordinem!: Ordination, installation, great preaching, and a very fine party.
(Vol. I, xxxii, June 18, 2007 , item 1)

Verse 11: The perils of scriptural citations on donor letters to the near-sighted.
(Vol. I, xl August 16, 2007 , item 2)

Lutherans Really Are All Alike: Do ELM and the Augustana Ministerium share core values?
(Vol. I, xlv September 21, 2007 , item 6)

Outies Still Number 1!: Out is in.
(Vol. I, xlvi September 28, 2007 , item 2)

Chair / Man: State of California rejects chairpersons.
(Vol. I, xlviii October 12, 2007 , item 6)

Knock, Knock
: Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM) debuts with theological declaration.
(Vol. I, l October 26, 2007 , item 1)

It's Pronounced 'EE-ELL-EMM': The merger of LLGM and ECP is complete and Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is launched.
(Vol. II, i November 1, 2007 , item 3)

ELM and ...Word Alone?: How alike are they?
(Vol. II, ii November 8, 2007 , item 4)

The Top of All Tops, One Year Later: November 18 is the first anniversary of Rev. Megan Rohrer's ordination
(Vol. II, iii November 16, 2007 , item 3)

Retirement Party: Dr. Mari Irvin steps aside after 18 years of work for full inclusion
(Vol. II, xx March 14, 2008 , item 2)


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