Citations for Lowell Almen

Sight 'ems: Luminaries, witnesses, and demonstrators in the hallway at the Atlanta Sheraton
(Vol. I, xii, January 21, 2007 , item 2)

Bishop Fetes LLGM Board: Central Great Lakes Synod Bishop Thorvald Noe-Effingway hosts a dinner party for LLGM luminaries. Political ambitions?
(Vol. I, xvi, February 19, 2007 , item 1)

Noe-Effingway Follows Suit (Again): Central Great Lakes Synod Bishop a candidate for ELCA Secretary?
(Vol. I, xxii, April 7, 2007 , item 7)

Memo to ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen: ELCA Bishop recognizes ECP pastor as "clergy".
(Vol. I, xxv, April 29, 2007 , item 4)

Two-thirds Or Not Two-thirds?: Opinions on the margin of victory.
(Vol. I, xxvi, May 6, 2007 , item 2)

Tale of Two Cities: Parallel Universes: will they ever meet?
(Vol. I, xxix, May 28, 2007 , item 2)

News from Central Great Lakes Synod: Bishop Noe-Effingway reports on the Churchwide Assembly and proposes celibacy for all clergy in the Central Great Lakes Synod.
(Vol. I, xl August 16, 2007 , item 3)

Not On My Watch, Maybe On Yours: ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen's last word to the Conference of Bishops.
(Vol. I, xlix October 19, 2007 , item 3)


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