Citations for Mark Chavez

Law, Gospel, Antinomianism, Sodomy: Word Alone responds to ELCA Sexuality Study Guide, part 1
(Vol. I, ix, December 31, 2006 , item 4)

Not So Good News from Word Alone: Word Alone's confusing assessment of the Schmeling verdict.
(Vol. I, xv, February 11, 2007 , item 5)

Word Alone Outs the Out: Word Alone Director Mark Chavez names two practicing homosexuals serving ELCA congregations.
(Vol. I, xix, March 16, 2007 , item 7)

...Or No Juggernaut?: Word Alone Director Mark Chavez urges "perspective" on synod assembly votes.
(Vol. I, xxxii, June 18, 2007 , item 5)


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