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Acting Boldly

Abstract: Greater Milwaukee Synod Bishop Paul Stumme-Diers oppose a Wisconsin marriage amendment.

Acting Boldly: In a recent pastoral letter, Bishop Paul Stumme-Diers of the Greater Milwaukee Synod voiced opposition to a "Marriage Amendment" on the Wisconsin ballot and called on members of the Synod to join him in opposing the amendment, in working to safeguard the civil rights of all people, and in promoting safe and healthy relationships.

The pastoral letter read in part: Gay and lesbian persons are created, like all God's children, in the image of God, and thus their rights and dignity ought not to be subverted. The infinite worth of all people is not dependent upon their sexual orientation." Read Bishop Stumme-Diers' Pastoral Letter on 'The Marriage Amendment'.

(Vol. I, ii, November 7, 2006 )

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