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Ordination Moments

Abstract: High points of Pr. Rohrer's ordination.

Sampling the buzz after Megan Rohrer's ordination, it seems that for many the high point of the service was the greeting that indroduced the Rite of Ordination. Pr. Daniel Solberg enthusiastically intoned: "The Top of all Tops be with you!" and the congregation replied "And also with you!"

Personally, we were moved by the Prayer of the Day: Almighty and merciful God(dess), you built Your Church on the foundation of the diverse individuals of many nations and ethnicities that You have called to speak Your Word: women, men, queers, eunuchs, sex workers, felons, the addicted, apostles, the infected, royalty, the educated, nomads, widows, homeless, prophets, tax collectors, the rich, and the differently abled. And, You instituted the office of the holy ministry so that Your diverse living Word might be heard throughout the ages. Grant that Megan, now ordained, may exercise ministry faithfully in the power of your Spirit Sophia; through your child the Christ.

(Vol. I, iv, November 19, 2006 )

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