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Sight 'ems

Abstract: Luminaries, witnesses, and demonstrators in the hallway at the Atlanta Sheraton

If you know your Lutherans, you'll see plenty of luminaries in Atlanta, some gliding into unmarked rooms, and some simply pacing the halls. On Friday ELCA Secretary Rev. Lowell Almen. entered the hearing room and emerged hours later. Former ELCA Presiding Bishop Rev. Herbert Chilstrom emerged briefly from the defense witness room, entered the hearing room, and left sometime later. LLGM Development Director Amalia Vagts, feeling conspicous for her lack of big hair, could also be seen greeting people in the hallway and in the meeting room used as a gathering place for supporters of Pr. Bradley and St. John's church.
Mary Benis, a member of Pr. Bradley's congregation in Columbus, Ohio, was admitted to the hearing room to testify as were Jim Mayer, Barbara and Paul Arne, all members of St. John's Lutheran. Saturday a delegation of 20 or so approached the hearing room to present the Prayer Weaving assembled for the occasion. Facilitator David Hardy (the bad cop) ushered the group into another room where they met with Facilitator Carlmark (the good cop) who accepted the prayer weaving and promised to convey it to the hearing committee.

(Vol. I, xii, January 21, 2007 )

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