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Not So Good News from Word Alone

Abstract: Word Alone's confusing assessment of the Schmeling verdict.

WordAlone Director Mark Chavez commenting on the Schmeling verdict:The hearingcommittee, like all ELCA committees dealing with the sexuality matters, is lopsided in support of approving homosexual relationships. It says that if the ELCA policy was changed, 'this committee would find almost unanimously that Pastor Schmeling is not engaged in conduct that is incompatible with the ministerial office, and would find with near unanimity that no discipline of any sort should be imposed against him.'

Lumping together the Schmeling verdict and the New England Synod Council's action regarding the blessing of same-sex relationships, Word Alone President Pr. Jaynan Clark Egland said: ELCA leaders in the New England Synod, and in the Southeastern Synod and churchwide discipline committees, have with these actions, shown their complete disregard for the authority of the Word of God in all matters of faith and life,

(Vol. I, xv, February 11, 2007 )

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