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Abstract: Pr. Bradley Schmeling files appeal of defrocking verdict. No word yet on appeal in Central Great Lakes Synod.

Pr. Bradley Schmeling has formally appealed the disciplinary ruling that would remove him from the ELCA's clergy roster in August of this year. Pr. Schmeling is a gay man in a committed relationship with another man. Southeastern Synod Bishop Ron Warren undertook disciplinary action to have Pr. Schmeling removed from the roster. While the Disciplinary Hearing Committee did vote to defrock Pr. Schmeling, their decision also encouraged continued consideration of the matter in the appeals process and at the churchwide assembly.

As yet there has been no announcement on Central Great Lakes Synod Bishop Thorvald Noe-Effingway's plans to appeal the acquitttal of transgender pastor Sophie Fortresson.

(Vol. I, xviii, March 10, 2007 )

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