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Word Alone Outs the Out

Abstract: Word Alone Director Mark Chavez names two practicing homosexuals serving ELCA congregations.

A daring piece from Word Alone director Mark Chavez actually names two practicing homosexuals other than Pr. Bradley Schmeling, Pr. Megan Rohrer, Pr. Sharon Stalkfleet, Pr. Arlo Peterson, Pr. Donna Simon, Pr. Craig Minich, Pr. Jeff Johnson, Pr. Ross Merkel, Pr. Steve Sabin, Pr. Anita Hill, Pr. Jay Wiesner, Pr. Dan Hooper, Pr. Erik Christensen, and Pr. Robyn Hartwig who are serving ELCA congregations. (Our apologies to any out clergy we may have missed, our memory isn't what it used to be.)
Mr. Chavez writes that its "scandalous" that the ELCA has not "reported on" these pastors, and frankly, we agree. The gay and lesbian clergy we know are powerful witnesses to God's amazing Grace, and they deserve recognition for their achievements in ministry and their perseverance in serving a church that is reluctant to acknowledge their contributions.
Like Mr. Chavez, we also deplore the ELCA's silence regarding disciplinary actions taken against gay and lesbian clergy. We believe that the ELCA is ashamed of these actions because they cannot be reconciled with the church's stated purpose of "making Christ known".

(Vol. I, xix, March 16, 2007 )

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