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And in Minnesota

Abstract: Crafty resolution for SW Minnesota synod assembly.

Pre-assembly packets are out in the SW Minnesota Synod and there's a carefully worded resolution about "Maintaining the Synod's Policy Against the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions" from Pr. Steven King of Holy Cross Lutheran in Maple Lake.
We don't think there is a synod policy that prohibits the blessing of same-sex unions, and indeed, all the assertions of such a policy are in the WHEREAS-es. In the RESOLVEDs it's all nudge, nudge, wink wink. To wit:
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Southwestern Minnesota Synod Assembly affirm with the Churchwide Assembly and with our own Synod Bishop that our synod will "maintain our current standards" and be "guided by the '93 statement of the Conference of Bishops" by not establishing, creating, or approving of "an official ceremony of this church for the blessing of a homosexual relationship" and by not authorizing its pastors to conduct such ceremonies "as an official action of this church's ministry";
Perhaps in Minnesota everything not commanded is forbidden.

(Vol. I, xx, March 23, 2007 )

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