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Word Alone President Throws Hat

Abstract: Pr. Jaynan Clark Egland looks like a candidate for Presiding Bishop.

Pr. Jaynan Clark Egland, President of the Word Alone Network, is looking like a candidate for Presiding Bishop at this year's Churchwide Assembly. In a recent email bulletin she shared some campaign promises:
"If by the grace of God and a miracle I am elected, first I will call for repentance for this slipping, sliding denomination and its wayward public witness. Then, as a matter of good stewardship, I will call for downsizing the institution and upsizing the ministry. It is time for the people in the churchwide offices to recognize themselves as support staff to the church and not the other way around. Discarding the current failed institutional paradigm, with its top-down headquarters, could produce an institution to serve ELCA Lutherans through the 21st century with just a bit of good stewardship, a dynamic imagination and a commitment to the Word of God alone as sole authority in all matters of faith and life."

(Vol. I, xxii, April 7, 2007 )

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