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Abstract: ECP Pastor and partner are married in Cape Town, SouthAfrica.

Pr. Pieter Oberholzer and Fanie Zondagh, his partner of 20 years, were lawfully married on Good Friday in South Africa where Pr. Oberholzer is on the staff of Inclusive and Affirming Ministries in Cape Town, South Africa. Pr. Oberholzer is rostered with the Extraordinary Candidacy Project (ECP). St. Francis Lutheran Church in San Francisco called Pr. Oberholzer to serve as "missionary-at-large" in 1999. South Africa legalized same-sex unions in December, 2006. Pr. Oberholzer reports: "We had a battle to find someone to perform it, as state officials - according to law - may refuse if they have conscientious objections. We found a retired gay priest in the country who holds one of the first official licenses to do this. It [was] a small ceremony with only friends -a lesbian couple - as our witnesses - as we already did the big 'vow thing' 5 years ago."

(Vol. I, xxiii, April 15, 2007 )

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