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Oh, No! Size Really Does Matter

Abstract: "Itty bitty Jesus" disparaged.

The latest offering from Word Alone ("Honey, We Shrunk the Lord!") reads like a piece of campaign literature. Pr. Jaynan Clark Egland lays claim to a centrist position, charging that the extremes of "literalism" and "social activism" both result in "a little itty bitty Jesus." (Ouch!)
Pr. Egland writes: You can grow a denomination or federation or even a local congregation by selling an extremely shrunken version of the Christian "good news." Choosing to do so can be accomplished either by being so literal that Jesus the Living Word is trumped by words only on paper or by being so relative in outlook that Jesus is left as one among many helpful spiritual gurus and social activists. Either is an extreme position--whether intentionally or mistakenly--increasing the power of the institution while shrinking the Living Lord to an improper place under human ambition.
My Lord's bigger than your Lord? Whatever happened to carping about "failed mission strategy"?

(Vol. I, xxiv, April 22, 2007 )

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