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Abstract: Sixteenth century gossip on Bold Women of the Reformation 20th Annivesary Tour

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Women of the ELCA, and one of the celebratory events is the Bold Women of the Refomation Tour. A party of 82 people is touring reformation sites in Germany, and in Eisleben, they discovered that Lutheran Gossip is a long and honored tradition. We really have been sinning boldly since 1521!
Here's a segment from the Bold Women's 20th Anniversary Tour blog (emphasis added): We met and listened in on the gossip of three Wittenberg women (dressed as Katie Luther, Barbara Kranach, and Ophelia). Barbara Kranach was a good friend and mentor of Katie Luther's, and Ophelia was a fictitious woman who brought much humor to the tour and helped link the 16th and 21st centuries for us. This lively gossip tour gave us an insight into what daily life was like for Katie and Barbara and other women in 16th-century Wittenberg, Germany.

(Vol. I, xxv, April 29, 2007 )

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