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Memo to ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen

Abstract: ELCA Bishop recognizes ECP pastor as "clergy".

We hear that at the Sierra Pacific Synod Assembly, Bishop David Mullen, speaking from the podium in a business session, acknowledged the "clergy" status of Pr. Jeff Johnson who is not on the ELCA clergy roster.
Pr. Johnson is a perennial nominee for the "at-large" seat on the synod council, and each year a new clever maneuver is employed to prevent the assembly from electing Pr. Johnson to the Synod Council.
This year at the critical moment, it was observed that all the nominees for the at-large seat were "clergy" and that clergy were already over-represented on the Synod Council. Bishop Mullen agreed and the clergy nominees were disallowed. When Pr. Johnson asked if he would be eligible for a clergy position on the Synod Council in future years, the Bishop replied, "Jeff, you know exactly what is going on." We spoke with Pr. Johnson, and indeed, he does know exactly what is going on.

(Vol. I, xxv, April 29, 2007 )

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