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Out-Of-Town Scoreboard

Abstract: A quick talley of what's happening at Synod Assemblies.

If you're wondering how the goodsoil memorials are doing at Synod Assemblies this year, here's a quick run-down as of May 20:
Eight Synods have passed "Memorial 1" (the measure to direct the owners of Vision and Expectations and Definitions and Guidelines for Discipline to remove from those documents the requirement of celibacy for homosexual clergy): Sierra Pacific, Southeastern Pennsylvania, South-Central Wisconsin, Northeastern Minnesota, Rocky Mountain, Metro New York, Oregon, and Southwestern Washington
Two synods have passed "Memorial 2" (a measure to encourage refraining from discipine against homosexual clergy in committed, same-sex relationships): Oregon and Rocky Mountain. Three synods have passed "Memorial 3" (a measure to endorse restraint in the enforcement of the celibacy requirement): Rocky Mountain, Oregon, and Southeast Michigan.
Three synods have rejected all of the goodsoil memorials: Eastern WA, Florida-Bahamas, and Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana.
And two synods have passed measures requesting no change in policy before 2009: North Texas-North Louisiana and Eastern North Dakota.

(Vol. I, xxviii, May 20, 2007 )

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