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Bloopers and Bombshells

Abstract: Wacky statements from synod assemblies.

Our far-flung, ever-sensitive network of correspondents sends the following bloopers from Synod Assemblies:
In the Sierra Pacific Synod Assembly, during debate on the Sunshine Resolution a speaker rose to advise the voting members, "Pr. Jeff Johnson has a war chest of over one million dollars!" Members of Pr. Johnson's congregation are looking into the matter.
And at the Southwestern Texas Assembly a speaker rose to deliver the "bombshell" that Pr. Bradley Schmeling had "walked away from" a wife and daughter. Apart from being irrelevant to the resolution under consideration at the time, the allegation misrepresents the truth: Pr. Schmeling was indeed once married. Anyone who knows how to search the Internet for divorce records can confirm that the marriage ended amicably, that there were no children, and that the county records list Pr. Schmeling's middle initial incorrectly.

(Vol. I, xxix, May 28, 2007 )

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