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Competition is a Good Thing, Isn't It?

Abstract: Another "Change the Policy" resolution in Southeast Iowa.

In the Southeast Iowa Synod, voting members may be presented with more than one "policy change" resolution. In addition to Memorial 1 from goodsoil, Pr. Peter Marty and Pr. Rev. Gerry Gjerde submitted a resolution calling for an update toVision and Expectations. Their resolution was received after the synod's deadline, so the assembly will have to vote on whether it should be considered. The measure reads in part:
Resolved, that the Southeastern Iowa Synod request the Conference of Bishops and the Church Council of the ELCA to acknowledge that suitability for service to God through rostered ministry in the ELCA should not be defined by the language of sexuality but rather by the rich texture of everything that makes the many varieties of close human relationship spiritually and emotionally significant - understanding and underscoring that our theology and conscience as a church require that all relationships of intimacy be monogamous, faithful, loving, life-long in commitment, generous in character, and non-abusive and non-exploitative in nature...

(Vol. I, xxix, May 28, 2007 )

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