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Sacristan for a Day

Abstract: ECP Pastor invited to participate in ELCA service of ordination.

If you watched closely at the Metro Chicago Synod Assembly service of ordination on Saturday, June 9, you would have seen Pr. Erik Christensen of St. Luke, Logan Square serving as Sacristan.
"Why is this an item?" you may well ask. Because Pr. Christensen is rostered with the Extraordinary Candidacy Project (ECP) and not with the ELCA. We'd guess that not many ECP pastors are asked to serve as clergy in synod events throughout the ELCA.
Elsewhere in the Metro Chicago Synod Assembly program, Pr. Christensen and The Rev. Bjarne Salteit were introduced to the assembly as "non-rostered leaders new to the Synod". "Non-rostered" here means "not rostered with the ELCA". Pr. Salteit is rostered in Norway and serves a Norwegian speaking ELCA congregation also in the Logan Square neighborhood.

(Vol. I, xxxi, June 10, 2007 )

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