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Mood Swings Over Grand Canyon

Abstract: Synod Assembly hijinx in the Grand Canyon Synod: What does this mean?

This year's Grand Canyon Synod Assembly was easily the most confusing assembly since the Central Great Lakes Synod rejected all the resolutions and memorials it considered back in April.
According to the agenda, the Grand Canyon Synod Assembly was to consider 5 resolutions in all, one on immigration policy, one resolution affirming the synod's compliance with ELCA policies on blessing same-sex relationships and on ordination of "non-celibate homosexual persons", and the three "goodsoil" resolutions ("policy change", "refrain from discipline", and "exercise restraint").
On Thursday, after the immigration resolution had been discussed and passed, a speaker rose to object to consideration of the 4 measures dealing with sexuality issues. After some disagreement over the correct parliamentary procedure, the assembly voted to sustain the objection to consideration, effectively removing all four measures from the agenda.
On Friday, after more parliamentary discussions, Bishop Talmage presided over a vote to reconsider the objection to consideration. The objection was not sustained and the four measures were returned to the agenda.
On Saturday, with time running short, the measures were finally taken up for discussion and vote, and the assembly affirmed both the resolution affirming the existing ELCA policies and the memorial calling for policy change.
In the closing worship, Bishop Talmage acknowledged that he did not know what to make of the vote.

(Vol. I, xxxi, June 10, 2007 )

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