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EXTRA: Ecclesiastical Dry Hole!

Abstract: Committee on Appeals overturns Disciplnary Hearing Committee, removes Pr. Schmeling from roster effective immediately.

ELCA Defrocks Pr. Schmeling On July 5 it was announced that the ELCA Committee on Appeals (COA) has ruled that Pr. Bradley Schmeling of St. John (Atlanta) is to be removed from the ELCA clergy roster effective immediately. This ruling overturns the earlier verdict of the Disciplinary Hearing Committee that had sought to delay Pr. Schmeling's removal pending action of the 2007 Churchwide Assembly in August.
"The judicial process has proven to be an ecclesiastical dry hole. It started with an unjust, discriminatory policy and decided that it had been rightly and justly executed," said Emily Eastwood, Executive Director of Lutherans Concerned/North America
The complete text of the COA ruling may be found at goodsoil.org
Breaking News. July 5, 2007: Southeastern Synod Bishop Ron Warren has issued a pastoral letter on the removal of Pr. Schmelng from the ELCA roster. The Bishop will meet with the Executive Committee of the St. John (Atlanta) on August 2.

(Vol. I, xxxiv July 3, 2007 )

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