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And They're Off

Abstract: Synod Assembly Season is over and Lobbying Season has begun.

The end of Synod Assembly Season signals the beginning of the less-widely-publicized Lobbying Season in which interest groups within the ELCA reach out to the Voting Members chosen for this year's Churchwide Assembly. Inevitably, this requires delicate maneuvering as the list of voting member mailing addresses is only available to voting members themselves for their personal use. And so it happens that mailings are usually accompanied by a cover letter from a voting member urging colleagues to consider whatever cause is at hand.
First out of the gate this year is a letter from former bishop Paull Spring (who does not seem to be a voting member), Chair of Lutheran Core - Coalition for Reform. Being first, Pr. Spring takes the opportunity to warn voting members of the coming deluge of literature and to remind them what Lutheran Core stands for: "the priority of the name of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in worship and Christian education; the Biblical teaching and practice of marriage and sexuality throughout the church; the role of leaders, churchwide and synodical, who are committed to the orthodoxy of our creeds and confessions; and the interpretation of the Bible as God's authoritative word of law and Gospel over the church."

(Vol. I, xxxiv July 3, 2007 )

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