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Abstract: Lutheran Core sends a new letter to ELCA Voting Members

It begins to look as though voting members at this year's churchwide assembly will have the opportunity to collect a complete set of letters from all ten Lutheran Core steering committee members. The latest is a letter dated July 11 from Pr. Erma S. Wolf (pictured), Vice Chair and (like Pr. Paull Spring who authored the first Lutheran Core letter to voting members) apparently not a voting member at this assembly.
After reiterating the Lutheran Core platform, Pr. Wolf urges voting members to leave the ELCA's discriminatory policy in place until a social statement on sexuality can be proposed:
"...the ELCA is deeply divided over matters of human sexuality, in particular those relating to homosexuality. It is a reality that there is pain and anguish felt by Christians on all sides of this issue. Such pain and division only demonstrates the need for following the careful process laid out by earlier churchwide assemblies and the church council, to give the sexuality task force time to do its work and develop a proposed social statement on human sexuality."
So because there is pain and anguish, the ELCA should wait until 2009 or later to decide whether it can accept those whom God has called to ministry? Did we miss something?

(Vol. I, xxxvi July 19, 2007 )

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