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Another Ally

Abstract: Bishop Margaret Payne of the New England Synod tells the Conference of Bishops why she will preside at the Lutherans Concerned/Goodsoil worship during Churchwide

And while we're thinking about allies, Bishop Margaret Payne of the New England Synod recently addressed the Conference of Bishops in a letter that read in part:
Over the last few months, I have spent time in prayer and discernment that have led me to choose to be more openly supportive of gay and lesbian persons who seek fuller inclusion in the life of the ELCA. I have accepted an invitation from the worship planners of Lutherans Concerned/North America to preside at a Eucharist that will take place on Wednesday, August 8, 2007, during the Churchwide Assembly. To me, this liturgy represents the commitment to continue support for consideration of change in the policy of the ELCA in a way that depends not on political maneuvering but on the flow of gifts that comes to all of us in the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
When I sought ordination as a woman in the Lutheran Church, and encountered hateful resistance, I was profoundly appreciative of men who were allies and stood openly by my side with support and encouragement. I want to provide that same kind of support and encouragement for gay and lesbian people who are deeply faithful brothers and sisters already sharing their gifts among us.

(Vol. I, xxxviii August 1, 2007 )

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