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We're not SSAD we're gay

Abstract: Word Alone board member tries to deflect charges of homophobia.

Among the recent communications from Word Alone, Board member Charles Hesse, M.D. invokes Same-Sex Attraction Disorder (SSAD) and launches a defense against charges of homophobia:
The scientific and psychological study of homosexuality reveals facts about this disorder that must be emphasized and used to counter charges of homophobia leveled at those who regard this disorder as sin...
Any withdrawal from a society or church that espouses compassion and the theology of acceptance of homosexuality will be looked upon as homophobic, no matter how carefully the debate is worded. The opinion previously held by many against a homosexual lifestyle, quickly turns 180 degrees with personal involvement such as with a close relative. Although a structured and contained debate of this subject is preferable, the gay community has suspended the rules. The only way to counter the hue and cry of the gay lesbian bisexual transsexual organizations is with facts, not the least of which is the physical and psychological damage to the individual and his or her loved ones.

With respect to SSAD, we stand with the North Texas Skeptics: SSAD is a fabrication of the "ex-gay" movement.
The genuinely sad thing, however, is that anyone claiming to be Christian would disavow compassion.

(Vol. I, xxxix August 8, 2007 )

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