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Offsets and Indulgences

Abstract: A 21st century take on indulgences, especially relevant for those in the Central Great Lakes Synod who may not be up to Bishop Noe-Effingway's challenge.

Just in time for Bishop Noe-Effingway's celibacy program, a friend handed us the URL for a web site that applies the notion of carbon offsets to relationships and fidelity: cheatneutral.com.
The site currently boasts that it has offset more than 65,000 "cheats" and has enlisted more than 9000 faithful people to offset the indiscretions of those who cannot help themselves.
For Lutherans, "cheat offsets" (and for that matter, carbon offsets as well) will look a lot like "indulgences", but in the Central Great Lakes Synod these days, indulgences might be just what the doctor ordered.

(Vol. I, xl August 16, 2007 )

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