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Through the Looking Glass

Abstract: Pr. Paull Spring comments on the Goodsoil worship at churchwide.

We are pleased to report that Pastor Paull Spring of Lutheran Core attended the Goodsoil Worship sevice at Churchwide. As you'll learn from his comments below, he did not appreciate the service, and indeed, (worship planners take note) declared it to be "not inclusive at all."
But nevertheless, he was there, experiencing first-hand one of the unique opportunities offered by ELCA Churchwide Assemblies: a face-to-face encounter wtth other Lutherans who may not share your opinions. Here are Pr. Spring's remarks:
I attended a non-assembly service that was sponsored by the Lutherans Concerned/North America and Goodsoil folks, two groups calling for approval of homosexual behavior. To call it a service would be a disservice. It was really more of a rally in celebration of a lifestyle that runs counter to the Biblical paradigm for marriage and the family. The texts for the creed and the Lord's Prayer were not the ones in our hymnals. References to God were thoroughly gender neutral. It was not an inclusive service at all, but a quite exclusive occasion to celebrate who "we" are as over against who "they" are.
(Excerpted from "Some Reflections on Chicago 2007".)

(Vol. I, xli August 23, 2007 )

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