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Outies, Number One!

Abstract: Can a photo of out, queer clergy be the most popular picture from the Churchwide Assembly?

We thought the 2007 Churchwide Assembly was safely behind us, but readers keep sending items about Churchwide. Most recently we've learned that anyone can browse the photos from churchwide and vote for their favorites. The photos are displayed in order of popularity.
Our correspondent points out that there were two "goodsoil" photos in the top ten, and indeed, as we sit down to write, the 2nd most popular photo is a picture of about two dozen people in rainbow scarves on a staircase. The caption reads "Goodsoil representatives who are advocating change in church policy at this churchwide assembly."
The caption is not entirely accurate. The people shown are not just "goodsoil representatives," they are the outies: the queer pastors who came out at churchwide and who are directly affected by the ELCA's discriminatory policy.
Perhaps your vote will make that photo #1.

(Vol. I, xliv September 14, 2007 )

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