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'This Church' and God's Church

Abstract: Lutheran Core strategy meeting.

In late September, 250 Lutheran Core supporters gathered in Lindenhurst, IL to take stock and plan for the future. Lutheran CORE News reported on the meeting, and DVDs of the sessions are available.
Many of the speakers were eminently quotable, including Luther Seminary Professor Emeritus James Nestingen who delcared, "Grace is not tolerance..."
The "Most Quotable Speaker" award, however, should go to Robert Benne, director of the Center for Religion and Society at Roanoke College to whom the following statements were attributed:
"Homosexual conduct has been embraced." (One has the feeling many LGBT clergy would see the matter differently.)
"Is there any chance of a snowball in hell that the ELCA will give up quotas, the guarantee of access to abortion whatever the reason, the relentless drive to prune all male references to God from our worship and literature, the persisting self-hatred that we are basically white people of Northern European heritage coupled with a forced posturing about our diversity, liberal politics in our advocacy centers and 'anti-imperialist' agitation with regard to Israel and Iraq?"
"I would hope that we would be able to get the ELCA to come clean on its public teachings. I want to head off more fudging and obfuscation, more phony 'journeying together faithfully.' I want to see a clear line drawn soon so that people know where we are going..."

(Vol. I, xlviii October 12, 2007 )

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