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Not On My Watch, Maybe On Yours

Abstract: ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen's last word to the Conference of Bishops.

ELCA Secretary Lowell Almen will leave office on October 31 and delivered his final report to the conference of Bishops on Oct. 6. Among the highlights are:

  • A call for an expanded Church Council with each synod represented
  • A declaration that power to ordain resides in the whole church
  • A call to curb abuses of the ELCA's "ordination in special circumstances" bylaw
  • And finally, if a solid foundation is provided in a social statement on human sexuality, Almen hopes "that a way may be found to acknowledge particular ministry needs and the gifts of those who are now precluded under the ministry standards as currently stated."
  • "Those who are now precluded" would be out gay and lesbian clergy who are unwilling to pledge sexual abstinence. Isn't it sad that an officer of the church can only idenfity these clergy by their exclusion?

    (Vol. I, xlix October 19, 2007 )

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