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Confirmation Course On-Line

Abstract: Distance learning comes to confirmation: What does this mean?

From our vast network of reporters, their fingers ever on the pulse of the contemporary Zeitgeist, we received an announcement of a new online Confirmation Course for students in the Lutheran tradition to be offered in Lent 2008.
The course is designed "primarily to supplement the confirmation ministry offered in the local congregation as well as provide adolescent[s] with a positive experience with online faith formation resources."
Over six weeks (Feb. 10 through March 22), students will encounter topics including baptism, worship, the church, the bible, discipleship etc. During the course, students will be online two to three times a week, for no more the one hour total each week.
Cost is $20.00 per student though the fee can be waived. Pastors or other adult advisors should submit the name and email address of prospective students no later than January 25, 2008.
The course was created by and will be facilitated by The Rev. Paul Lutz, Pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

(Vol. II, xi January 11, 2008 )

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