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An Inhibition

Abstract: Episcopal Church inhibits renegade bishop.

"I hereby inhibit the said Bishop Schofield and order that from and after 5:00 p.m. PST, Friday, January 11, 2008, he cease from exercising the gifts of ordination in the ordained ministry of this Church; and pursuant to Canon IV.15, I order him from and after that time to cease all 'episcopal, ministerial, and canonical acts, except as relate to the administration of the temporal affairs of the Diocese of San Joaquin,' until this Inhibition is terminated pursuant to Canon IV.9(2) or superseded by decision of the House of Bishops."
And so Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori "inhibited" Bishop John-David Schofield of the Diocese of San Joaquin. The inhibition was undertaken after the Title IV Review Committee certified that Bishop Schofield had abandoned the communion of the Episcopal Church, and three senior bishops gave permission to proceed with the inhibition.
On December 8, 2007, Bishop Schofield presided over the Diocese's decision to sever ties with the Episcopal Church and join the Province of the Southern Cone of the Anglican Communion.The dioceses or Pittsburgh and Fort Worth are considering similar decisions. The Title IV Review Committee also certified that Bishop Robert Duncan of the Pittsburgh diocese had abandoned the Episcopal communion, but the bishops have not yet approved an inhibition for Bishop Duncan.
Initially conflicting responses were issued in response to the inhibition. Initially a ppublic mrelations firm speaking on Bishop Schofield's behalf asserted that Bishop Schofield was a member of the House of Bishops in both the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone. A clarification was later issued, asserting that the Diocese of San Joaquin and Bishop Schofield were no longer affiliated with the Episcopal Church and that the Episcopal Presiding Bishop had no jurisdiction in the matter.
Fort Worth Bishop Jack Iker also responded:
The House of Bishops of TEC can indeed prevent Bishop Schofield from functioning as a bishop in congregations of The Episcopal Church. However, they cannot invalidate his consecration as a Bishop in the Church of God, nor prevent him from functioning as such in congregations that welcome and affirm his ministry as their Bishop.

(Vol. II, xii January 19, 2008 )

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