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Sierra Pacific Hijinx, 1

Abstract: Bishop declares Office of Dean vacant after election of ELM clergy.

We hear that near the end of January when the San Francisco Conference met to elect its dean, there was at first a vote to "abstain" from electing a dean at all in order to protest the requirement that the conference dean must be on the ELCA clergy roster.
Subsequently a motion was offered to lift the "ELCA roster" requirement. To the dismay of the Bishop's assistant who was present, the motion passed.
After the first ballot, the only nominees willing to stand for the dean's office were ELM clergy, and shortly thereafter, Pr. Steve Sabin of Christ Church Lutheran in San Francisco was elected dean of the conference. He is not the first "unrostered with the ELCA" pastor to be elected dean in the Sierra Pacific Synod.
A few days later (we hear) email went out from Bishop David Mullen quoting SB12.01.04 and SB12.01.05 from the synod constitution.
The bishop declared the office of dean vacant because Pr. Sabin is not rostered with the ELCA, directed the Conference Cabinet to appoint an interim dean who is duly rostered, and directed the conference to elect a duly rostered dean at the next conference assembly.

(Vol. II, xiv February 1, 2008 )

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