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The Jens

Abstract: Have their synods taken any notice of Jen Rude and Jen Nagel? Hard to tell from the outside.

We did a quick follow up on the Jens: Pr. Jen Rude (upper left in photo) and Pr Jen Nagel (lower right in photo). The Jens are both rostered with Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM), both newly ordained, and both serving ELCA congregations. We wondered what, if any, acknowledgment might have been made by their synods (Metro Chicago and Minneapolis Area respectively). Alas, the Metro Chicago synod newsletter has not yet listed Pr. Rude as a newly ordained rostered leader in the synod, and the Minneapolis Area website still refers to synod council member Pr. Nagel as Ms.

(Vol. II, xviii February 29, 2008 )

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