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El Sombrero del Obispo

Abstract: Bishop elect vows not to wear sombrero, but will he keep that promise?

Our reporter was within earshot when Bishop-elect Pr. Mark Holmerud was asked if he would wear a sombrero during his tenure as bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod. Pr. Holmerud declared that he would not.
Knowing as we do that the office of bishop often has unpredictable effects on the behavior of those who hold that office, we offer as a public service this artist's conception of Pr. Holmerud wearing a sombrero.
In 2007 Bishop David Mullen wore a sombrero in a synod assembly debate with Pr. Jeff Johnson concerning Pr. Johnson's ineligibility for both clergy and lay positions on the synod council.

(Vol. II, xxviii May 10, 2008 )

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